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Monte's Offspring

The dogs listed are all dogs sired by Monte and are titled in Conformation and/or performance events.

Current Stats:

  • 18 Champions

  • 11 Performance Titled

  • 1 MACH titled

  • OFA Excellent Hips: 11

  • OFA Good Hips: 8

  • OFA Fair Hips: 1

  • OFA Normal Elbows: 19

  • OFA/CERF Normal Eyes: 16

  • OFA/CERF Normal W/Breeder Notes: 2 (D-Iris & E-Lens)

** All OFA Results from website. **

Dam: CH Rolin Ridge's Mercedes Image

  1. CH Images Baccarre' CD, HS, HIAds, NA, NAJ

Dam: Mi-Sha-Ook's Bolero

  1. Conquest Bit of Denali OA, OAJ, NAP, NJP

  2. CH Conquest's Black Diamond


Dam: CH Rolin Ridge's Lolita

  1. CH Rolin Ridge Rockin' Reina CDX, RE, HT

  2. Rolin Ridge's Renee CDX, RN

Dam: CH Images Black Majic Meria, CD

  1. CH Klassic's Keno, CD, RN, NA, OAJ, OJP, OAP

  2. CH Klassic's Candy Kisses

Dam: CH Sundown's Return to Sender

  1. CH Sundown's Here's Johnny

  2. CH Sundown's Finders Keepers

  3. CH Sundown's Black On Black

  4. CH Sundown's Imagine That

Dam: CH Farwoods Elusive Erin

  1. CH Farwoods Kaila UD, NA, NAJ

Dam: CH Inselheim Secret Desire

  1. CH Jaden's Apostle Of Evergem

Dam: CH Klassic Majestic Black Zoey

  1. CH Galaxie Apollo Blue

Dam: CH Anastasia N'Est-Ce Pas, CD

  1. CH Bashert Alexanderia

Dam: CH A-Te-Ell's Madame Riley

  1. MACH Images Pogo CDX, RE, MX, MXJ, MJB, OF ,T2B

Dam: Images N Mikels Jezabelle

  1. Am GCH Aleron N Images Cherry Garcia BN, RA, OA, NAJ, CL1-H/F, CL2-R UCD

  2. Images TruePassion NA, NAJ

  3. CH Images Esprit du Chat CDX, RE, AX, AXJ, XF, HIC

  4. CH Images of a Belgian Detective

Dam: Images Can You Keep A Secret

  1. Am/UKC CH Images N Lightning’s Thunderball RATN, FDC

  2. Am/UKC CH Lightning’s Diamonds Are Forever

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