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Ace's Offspring

The dogs listed are all dogs sired by Ace and are titled in Conformation and/or performance events.

Current Stats:

  • 11 Champions

  • 15 Performance Titled

  • 2 MACH titled

  • OFA Excellent Hips: 8

  • OFA Good Hips: 13

  • OFA Fair Hips: 0

  • OFA Normal Elbows: 20

  • OFA/CERF Normal Eyes: 15

  • 1 - OFA Normal W/Breeder options noted

E2:Posterior Suture Tip Opacities.

** All OFA Results from website. **

Dam: LaraLee's Make Me Smartie Lena

  1. CH LaraLee's Autumn Princess Xena, OA OAJ CGC

  2. GCH LaraLee's Autumn Isabella, AX AXJ

  3. LaraLee's Perfect Storm, RN

  4. CH LaraLee's Autumn Star

Dam: GCH TakiShan Straight To The Queen, CD RE OAP OJP NFP

  1. CH TakiShan Let It Ride, PT CAX3 BCAT

  2. TakiShan No Cheap Thrill, HT PT

  3. CH TakiShan Midnight Star Gambler Of Dalton, BN RI HT ACT1 SWN CGC

  4. TakiShan King Of Hearts, MX MXJ OF


Dam: CH Cibola's Luck O' The Cosmos

  1. GCH Cosmos Avatar v Cibola

Dam: LaraLee's Black Iris

  1. GCH LaraLee's Queen Of Hearts at Diamante Nero, FDC CGCA

  2. LaraLee's Bet On Holly, CGC TKN

  3. LaraLee's Luck Be A Lady, CD RN OAP AJP OFP

  4. LaraLee's Forever In Blue Jeans, CD BN RN

Dam: GCH Cibola's Whistler Mountain Run

  1. MACH Cibola's Admiral Of Chanteur MXS MJS MXP MJP MXF ACT1 TKN

  2. CH Cibola's Agua Dulce At Icewind

  3. CH Cibola's Anarene At Geka

Dam: CH Celebre's Giada de Mawrmyth

  1. MACH6 Mawrmyth Aa All Texan MXC2 MJS3 MFB TQX T2B CGC TKA

Dam: CH LaraLee's All About Jazz

  1. Laralee's Queen Of Hearts BN RA

  2. GCH Laralee's Malachi Magic Of Jazz RN RATN CGC

Dam: CH Celebre Heiress Mawrmyth

  1. CH Mawrmyth Etoile Karpelli

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